Kookaburras Room

AGES: 3 years 8 months to 12 years

The Kookaburra Room is the oldest room at the LDCC and caters for children 3 years and 8 months to 12 years. We can provide care for up to 30 children in the room with a 1:11 ratio. We have an open and natural floorspace which allows us to offer a range of different activities and opportunities for all children.

We believe that building secure and supportive relationships with the children allows them to feel a sense of belonging and be confident in their play and learning. We focus on providing opportunities that allow the children to learn, discover, make choices, create, improvise and imagine. Our environments and spaces are vibrant and flexible and are responsive to the interests and abilities of each individual child. We ensure that literacy and numeracy is incorporated into our program and supports are play-based approach. We provide the children with a routine that is flexible throughout the day, which allows them to build their independence and prepares them for kindergarten in future years.

We have recently just installed a new interactive whiteboard which is used for learning opportunities throughout the day and at our planned group times. This is a great way for children to connect with technology and build literacy, numeracy and comprehension skills.

We share a wide, open and aesthetically pleasing outdoor yard with the Kangaroos Room, which compromises of a mud pit, sand pit, fairy garden, vegetable garden, chickens, cubby house, climbing equipment, swings and a large lawned area. We create spaces and provide opportunities to enhance gross motor development, exploration, problem solving, teamwork and loose parts play.

We understand the importance of building trusting relationships with our families and believe this makes the families feel supported and allows them to communicate openly with us.