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The Kangaroo’s Room is run by 5 enthusiastic educators who care for children aged between 28 months and 36 months. The ratio in this room is 1 educator to 5 children and we have enough floor space to cater for 15 children.

The Kangaroo’s daily routine consists of indoor and outdoor play, group times, meal times, and packing up and sleep time. Nappy changes are changed on a regular basis and many children begin toileting in this room which staff work and communicate closely with families to help achieve this goal. We support the children’s independence by encouraging handwashing before each meal time and after they have been to the toilet or once they’ve had their nappy change. We also encourage the children to help pack up after play times, and help clean up at meal times. We are an eco-friendly centre and encourage the children to recycle, this is done by having a paper and cardboard bin in the room that the children can easily access.

At this age the children are experimenting with their social, physical and language skills which the educators assist with through planned experiences that relate back to the group program. We are dedicated in providing the children with an educational group program that incorporates a variety of experiences that facilitates curiosity, thinking and imaginative play. We aim to encourage the parents and families to get involved to ensure it is based on the children’s interest. We also run an individual program that is based on the child’s strengths, and abilities which is planned each term coinciding with the group program.

We offer your child a natural outdoor learning environment that we share with the Kookaburras room which allows the children to explore and enjoy their day. It consists of a large grass area that the children can run around on, a fairy garden, mud kitchen, a vegetable garden and animals that the children help keep maintained. We also offer a warm and nurturing indoor environment that allows the children to create imaginative play, be confident in their environment and interact with their peers and educators.