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What do I need to bring to Woodleigh for my child?

Child’s bag containing: spare clothes, nappies, hat, water bottle, piece of fruit (to share), bottles (if under 12 months), toy or comforter and any medication if needed.

What does Woodleigh Supply?
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Snack
  • Wipes, tissues and medical supplies
  • Bedding
  • Sunscreen
What should my child wear to care?
  • Appropriate, comfortable and sun smart protective clothing.
  • Tops and dresses to have sleeves.
  • Broad brimmed or legionnaire hat.
  • Safe, comfortable footwear that fits well.
Is breastfeeding welcome?

Yes, mothers are welcome to feed at the centre.

What if my child is toilet training?

A decision to begin helping a child toilet train at the centre will be made by parents and educators together. The decision will be made as a result of seeing signs of readiness and interest from the child. To maintain a high level of hygiene, children will need to wear a pull up or nappy until both parents and educators are confident that their child is ready.

Does my child need to sleep at care?

Your child does not need to sleep at care. This is an individual routine decision that is made on the need of each child. When children begin to decrease their sleep needs, educators will communicate with families, making decisions on children’s needs.

Who can collect my child?

Any collection authority person on the child’s enrolment form. If someone else needs to collect your child, this is to be confirmed in writing. Photo identification will be required if educators are unsure who is collecting.

How do I apply for child care benefit or the child care rebate?

You can apply for in person or online at www.humanservices.com.au