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The indoor facilities include four separate rooms catering for each age group of children: Possums (6 weeks to 20 months) Joeys (20 months to 28 months) Kangaroos (28 months to 36 months) and Kookaburras (36 months onwards). These rooms comprise of : separate cot rooms, carpeted and mat areas, tv’s, home corners, quiet areas, activity areas, interactive white board, toilets and change areas, store rooms, staff room, offices, laundries and verandas. The buildings are well air-conditioned and ventilated.

The outdoor spaces are in two areas.

The Possums and Joeys share one space with a mud kitchen, large climbing frame, bike track, sand pit, grassed area, plants, vegetable garden, and bridge in garden area, activity wall, soft fall and large shade sail. Changes have been occurring in this developing play space, with more transformations to follow.

The Kangaroos and Kookaburras share a large outdoor area which is continually evolving. It consists of a large grassed area, large climbing equipment, two sets of swings, tractor tyre, pallet lounge, dirt mound, stepping stones, smaller climbing equipment, sand pit, music wall, vegetable garden area, cubby house, fairy garden, mud kitchen area, tee-pee, boat, bridge, dry river bed, large rocks, loose tyres, a large natural play space containing many different plants and covered with bark chips, bike track and a large shade sail and developing trees to provide shaded play areas.