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Woodleigh is a Community based, not for profit organisation, licensed by the Department of Education and Children’s Services. We offer quality care to children from six weeks old to twelve years of age from 7:30am to 6:00pm weekdays. We cater for full-time, part-time and occasional care.

We believe in supporting all children to develop to reach their fullest potential in being effective learners. We support children’s learning by providing a play based curriculum, providing a balance between child led, child initiated and educator supported learning.

We believe all children should be cared for in a nurturing, safe and caring environment, which caters for the individual needs of each child and family.

We are committed to providing quality care in a warm, safe and stimulating environment.

The service comprises of four rooms:

Possums: 6 weeks to 24 months.

Joeys: 24 months to 32 months.

Kangaroos: 32 months to 40 months.

Kookaburras: 40 months onwards.

Each room has a ‘Room Program’ which is guided by children’s strengths, interests, families and community. Our individual program is disposition based. The EYLF- Early Years Learning framework is the foundation to enriching children’s learning.

We provide ‘Primary Caregiving’ throughout the whole centre. The aim of Primary Caregiving is to ensure that each child has a positive child care experience. It is providing children with a secure base, where children will explore the environment and take risks knowing an adult (with whom they have a secure, trusting relationship) is always in reach if necessary. Primary Caregiving provides a consistent relationship for your child and family.

This strategy is based on the ‘Circle of Security’ providing a secure base- to support children’s exploration, watch over them, help  them, enjoy time with them and providing a safe haven – welcoming children back.

The centre provides morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack for all children only with nutritious, varied and high quality food. We pride ourselves on providing children with a healthy and balanced diet for your children in line with the Nutrition Australia Guidelines.

Name: Loxton District Children’s Centre “Woodleigh”

Postal address: PO Box 185 Loxton SA 5333

Phone: 08 8584 6501

Fax: 08 8584 5175

Email: director@loxtonchildrenscentre.com